Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Suicide King

Author: Robert Joseph Levy
Pocket Books
RRP 5.99

ISBN 1 4165 0242 4
Available 07 March 2005

A rash of student suicides sweep through Sunnydale High, jolting the community. When the newly arrived grief counsellor ends up killing himself, Buffy and the gang begin to suspect there's something supernatural to blame. Soon one of their own begins to show signs of debilitating despondency, and it becomes a race against time for the Slayer to defeat the ancient threat known as the Suicide King...

A new addition to the family of Buffy books available, the Stake Your Destiny series returns Buffy and the Scoobies to the glory days of high school. But this time you get to control the action yourself!

Remember the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone Fighting Fantasy books anyone? Well this is of that ilk, albeit a little bit on the thinner side. A great idea though, and one I loved as a child and seems I still do.

Basically, The Suicide King has an interactive story line which advances in different directions depending on your choices, however it seems the options lead you towards death a little more often than they should, which does get a bit on the frustrating side.

Still after pointing out the downsides (too much death and just not enough book) I've got to say that if you were a fan of these kinds of books in the past, and if you are a Buffy fan, you'll love this, just because it offers something a little different to what's already out there. Plus, interaction is never a bad thing, 'cos you're getting involved in the story so much more.

Check it out. It wont last long, but you'll probably still like it!

Keri Allan

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