Star Trek
I.K.S. Gorkon
Book 3 - Enemy Territory

Author: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Pocket Books
RRP 6.99, US $7.99, Cdn $11.99
ISBN 1 4165 0014 6
Available 04 April 2005

For centuries, the Elabrej firmly believed that they were alone in the universe, and that no sentient life existed outside their home star system. But their beliefs are shattered when a controversial exploration vessel of their own making encounters - and fires upon - an alien ship. The aliens return fire and destroy them - then come to Elabrej to investigate...

While exploring the uncharted Kavrot Sector, the crew of the I.K.S. Gorkon learn that their brother ship, the I.K.S. Kravokh, was fired on by an alien vessel and subsequently destroyed it. After setting course to investigate this new people, the Kravokh disappears - but a massive alien fleet is gathering at their last known location. Captain Klag must determine what has happened to the Kravokh, and who this new foe of the empire is... As two civilisations prepare for war, the secret agendas of both the Elabrej oligarchs and Klingon Imperial Intelligence may serve only to deepen the conflict - and Captain Klag may also face a mutiny.

Enemy Territory is the third book in the I.K.S. Gorkon series of Star Trek novels. The first half of the book is incredibly slow moving. As it is a Klingon novel, the majority of the tale is told from their point of view. But, it would appear that there is nothing much to tell as this book creeps and crawls to its conclusion. Politics seems to get in the way of a good battle - very unKlingon like.

Author Keith R.A. DeCandido's handling of the Elabrej is interesting. In essence they are not unlike our own race - ignorant of the fact that other civilisations may exist beyond the stars. This race of peoples is described as almost insect like (well, they have six appendages anyway).

It would have been interesting to have had a little more of the tale told from the side of the Elabrej - simply because I didn't really feel this culture was explored enough in the first half of the book.

he second half of this novel picks up the pace well and we are left with a satisfying conclusion. While not the most engaging I.K.S. Gorkon novel to date, Enemy Territory is entertaining enough.

Pete Boomer

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