Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Keep me in Mind

Author: Nancy Holder
Pocket Books
RRP 5.99

ISBN 1 4165 0241 6
Available 02 May 2005

Ethan Rayne returns to Sunnydale and unleashes a long-trapped evil sorcerer from Middle Ages Bavaria. As if that and Ethan's true motivation weren't enough to keep Buffy from her chemistry homework, she soon finds herself encountering a seemingly random parade of old adversaries out to settle the score...

Keep Me in Mind is a bit odd and a slightly disappointing read. Another in the Stake your Destiny range of books where you make the decisions which allows the story to unfold. This one seems bitty, unclear and... well, just not that gripping.

The disappointment is added to by the fact that it is penned by the wonderful Nancy Holder, who's amazing ability to add those little nuances that fans love hasn't faded - they're still great, its just that the story is lacking.

Basically you start off feeling a bit ill and down, and then odd things start happening in Sunnydale (no surprise there). All of your old adversaries start appearing; Spike, Dru, The Master, Luke... but it doesn't end there. As you take on the role of Buffy you get to kill them again, then again and again. It's like evil doubles are overtaking the town and you and the Scoobies need to work out who is behind this and why.

Things get even wiggier when doubles of your friends and loved ones appear. From there the story gets just a little too strange, and is unfortunately not gripping. Suddenly the finale is on top of you, and then... that's it.

Stake your Destiny is a great concept, and getting Nancy Holder on board is also great as she is a brilliant Buffy-verse writer; second only to Christopher Golden. However, I have to say don't waste your money on Keep me in Mind. Instead check out some of the other books in either this series, or by this writer.

Keri Allan

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