Star Trek:TNG
The Battle of Betazed

Author: Charlotte Douglas & Susan Kearney
Pocket Books
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ISBN 0 7434 3434 X
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The combined forces of the Jem'Hadar and the Cardassians have conquered Betazed, home of Deanna Troi. The Dominion war is now right at the front door of the Federation but there seems to be little that can be done to save the planet from its new rulers...

The Enterprise is dispatched to the scene in a covert mission but with the Federation spread so thin there seems to be little that the ship and its crew can effectively do. Betazed looks doomed and there's a crazed Cardassian doctor on the loose.

The Battle of Betazed reads like a very unnecessary adjunct to the events depicted in DS9, a show inhabited by 'real' people rather than the bland ciphers of planet Next Gen.

As a result, the book's narrative fails to tie in with the events we've previously seen on TV, especially as its ending is so obvious telegraphed from the outset. At least DS9 had us guessing right until the end.

Well written? Yes, but to what purpose?

Anthony Clark


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