Star Trek: Voyager
The Hologram's Handbook

Author: Robert Picardo
Pocket Books
RRP 7.99
ISBN 0 7434 3791 8
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Do you ever think that you are the only intelligent person on the planet? Do you ever feel that the World would fall apart if you were not there to keep it together? If so you are probably an advanced Artificial intelligence, not unlike the holographic doctor aboard the federation ship USS Voyager...

The Hologram's Handbook is an essential guide for those of us who would like to understand how the mind of everyone's favourite holographic doctor works. Why is he irritable, surly, arrogant? The ramblings of a computer holographic doctor help towards understanding our complicated friend a little better.

Written, with great comedic effect by Robert Picardo. There are some pure classic moment hidden away within this book including Song of Hologram (Traditional.. Or it should be) and his insights into that most pleasurable of human pastimes - sex.

Add to this some amusing cartoons by Jeff Yagher to help illustrate each section, some nice black and white pictures of The Doctor in various poses and you have yourself a very funny book.

One slight complaint is that at £8 for 84 small pages this is quiet an expensive purchase - especially as there are no colour pages.

If you love The Doctor then this book will give you hours of fun.

Pete Boomer

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