Space: 1999
Alien Seed

Author: E.C. Tubb
Eagle One Media
RRP $5.99 (Only available in USA)
ISBN 0 9714785 0 3
Available now

The reprint of Alien Seed is a welcome addition to any Space: 1999 fan's collection. The fact that it's a US reprint is perhaps a little disappointing - I can't help feeling that sometimes other nations care more about British TV than us Brits. But the fact that this book is with us at all is a good thing, especially as the standard of the printing, paper and repro are all very high. And the map of Alpha and Eagle details are a nice touch too.

But what of the book itself? The good news is that it's as good as the best TV tie-in novels - a fine, fast-paced read that captures the feel of the show while also working in its own right as a work of written fiction.

All the vital Space: 1999 elements are at hand: a rogue asteroid, a space plague and a strange and deadly female alien - all wrapped up in a very neat 200-page volume. Let's hope it sells well - if so, we may get a reprint of Tubb's second original Space: 1999 novel, Rogue Planet and maybe even the author's attempt at winding up the show, Earthfall.

Go and order this book on line. You won't be disappointed. A word of warning though, as this book is not available in the UK you will have to order it from the USA.

Anthony Clark

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