Cover to Cover - The Greatest Comic Book Covers of the Dark Knight

Authors: Various
Titan Books
RRP 24.99
ISBN 1 84576 100 6
Available 22 July 2005

250 of the greatest Batman comic covers of all time, showcasing the world's most recognisable character. See how he evolved over the years and has been interpreted by the greatest creators in all comic book history...

Batman: Cover to Cover is one of the most beautiful collections that any true Batman could wish for. This collection takes a look at how covers are created, the evolution of the Batman logo, and Batman covers from around the world.

This is certainly the definitive book on the history of the art of Batman and also one of the first coffee table editions that isn't just for show - you really won't be able to put it down (although you'll have to otherwise your arms will ache).

Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan, TV's Batman Adam West, Mark Hamill, the voice of the Joker, as well as comics creators like Sandman's Neil Gaiman and fan-favourite artist Alex Ross all contribute to this meaty collection.

It looks great, it's an interesting read and it's so heavy you can knock out small children by dropping it on their heads... what more reason do you need to buy this? This is an essential coffee table collection that no house should be without.

Nick Smithson

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