Are You a Geek?
103 Ways to Find Out

Author: Tim Collins
Ebury Press
RRP 9.99
ISBN 0 0919 0612 1
Available 06 October 2005

With the booming popularity of i-pod culture, geek fashion, broadband Internet, fantasy films and console games, it's becoming acceptable to embrace your geeky side. Nowadays you can happily alphabetise your CD collection, play su doku, or argue about which genre you should classify the latest Radiohead album under on i-tunes. There's no shame in it, in fact it's fast becoming the norm. Are you a Geek? This book will give you the answer...

Christmas must almost be upon us (I'm writing this in September), it seem to be earlier and earlier each year, the days fly by and the chocolates, indistinguishable from the ones you bought your mum at Easter, start appearing on the supermarket shelves. The reason I mention this is that Are you a Geek? is really one of those stocking filler books, that give so much enjoyment after you've decimated the ten stone turkey and quaffed enough wine to make Jesus jealous. The problem is that once you've got over your gastronomic excesses, you wonder why Aunt Milly bought you the book in the first place. In the harsh light of day you're really unsure of the purpose of the book and consign it to the nether regions under your bed never to be seen again.

Are you a Geek? consists of roughly 10000101 pages (it's in binary, I suppose to show the author's own geekiness) of questions, split into various categories to work out just how much of a geek you are. The main problem with the book is that it's just not funny enough to sustain more than a cursory glance. The book also contains a number of self deprecating pictures of someone whom I presume is the author. I can't really say anything about his attire, as anyone who has seen the picture I submitted [To see what Charles means... click here. Ed] knows my own problems in this area, what can I say I was drunk and it seemed a good idea at the time.

So what can I say, it's a stocking filler that really should have been funnier. I think that the fact that anyone would consider buying the book and ticking all the questions to make a pie chart of their own geekiness has already answered that particular question for themselves. But if you are so inclined to do this then the book has little certificates that you can fill out for yourself at the back. Would have been nicer, considering that he has a website, to offer downloadable T-shirt transfers, but maybe that would have been too geeky.

Charles Packer

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