Authorized Personnel Only
The Official Top-Secret Files

Author: Paul Ruditis
Pocket Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 1 4169 0215 5
Available 05 December 2005

This insider's guide to
Alias is essential reading not only for committed fans but also for latecomers coming to the show on DVD who are interested in catching up with the characters, storylines and background. The book also includes exclusive bonus material such as a colour-coded global 'mission map.' Compelling and comprehensive, this fully-illustrated large-format companion volume is the next best thing to being a field agent yourself...

I'm always wary of approaching guide books. More often than not they are rather dry affairs with little in the way of new information (or facts that you couldn't easily pick up from the Internet for free).

Alias: Authorized Personnel Only doesn't offer that much in the way of surprises. However, what is refreshing is the fact that this collection is in full colour - a very rare, but welcomed, occurrence for this style of book. Although, some larger images would have been nice.

The book is divided into five main sections: a mission-by-mission analysis of the series; a catalogue of the agents' personal histories and psychological profiles; Jack Bristow's own extensive coverage of the Enemies of the State; descriptions of the high-tech gadgets used by Sydney and her team; and Project Black Hole's official report on the shadowy figure Milo Rambaldi.

There is also an interesting Travel Log section at the back of the book that shows (on large double page global maps) where Sydney has travelled each season.

Alias fans will find this both informative and entertaining. It's a collection that you can either dip in and out of, or read from cover to cover.

Ray Thompson

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