The Making of King Kong
The Official Guide to the Motion Picture

Author: Jenny Wake
Pocket Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 1 4165 0257 2
Available 05 December 2005

King Kong is Universal Pictures' long-anticipated reimagining of the classic 1933 Merian C. Cooper film, directed by Peter Jackson.
This official companion to the movie takes readers behind the scenes at every stage of production, from scriptwriting to costuming to digital effects. Packed with exclusive images and personal recollections from the filmmakers, actors, and crew, this movie diary shows: what it was like to be on set during filming; the tricks of the miniatures trade; how 1930s New York was created...

This official guide to Peter Jackson's King Kong movie is something of a visual treat for fans of the movie. It includes over 200 colour photos - including original concept art, digital storyboards, and candid behind-the-scenes snapshots - that vividly illustrate this massive cinematic undertaking, alongside in-depth interviews with Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop, Andy Serkis, Philippa Boyens, and others behind the movie.

The contents are very impressive. In fact, and this is something unusual for me, I actually read this book from cover to cover. Usually with this style of book I find myself skim reading a lot of the content, because I'm just not really that interested. However, the majority of the content in The Making of King Kong was presented in such away that it is difficult for you to not want to continue reading.

I have to admit though, that I thought the cover was appalling. It's blurry and certainly doesn't convey the quality of the contents. In fact, it looks like the cover to a book on legends: Yeti: Myth or Reality? I really can't believe that this photo was chosen of thousands of others to sell the book to the public at point of sale.

If you are a fan of the movie, and want to learn a little more about how it was put together (or you are interested in film making in general) this will make an interesting addition to your library.

Ray Thompson

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