Star Trek: Stargazer
Book 2 - Progenitor

Author: Michael Jan Friedman
Pocket Books
RRP £5.99
ISBN 0743427947
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Picard and the senior crew of the
Stargazer are accompanying the increasingly taciturn Simeno to his home world, Gnala, where he will undergo a ritual. Meanwhile the ship's second office, Victoria Wu, is left in charge but a mystery distress call that leads in inexperienced Star Fleet novice into unexpected dangers...

You've got to hand it to Friedman, he knows a silly name when he hears one. Greyhorse, I mean! In book one he gave us someone call Greenbriar so maybe next outing we'll get Yellowperil or Bluebottle? And as with the previous volume the names are more often interesting than the characters to which they belong.

Oh yes, the plot. Sabotage, threats of destruction, silly alien races and a lot of stiff upper lip from Picard. And let's not forget some cod philosophy handed out by aliens. Fortunately there's graviton flux along the way so it can't be all bad.

Anthony Clark


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