Stranger to the Sun

Author: Jeff Mariotte
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ISBN 0 7434 4981 9
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When Wesley opens a package that arrives special delivery, he is instantly sent into a coma-like slumber. Its obvious he has fallen victim to a spell, and Angel sets off with Gunn to get to the bottom of things. Everyone, however, in a position to assist - magick shop owners, and even policemen and astronomers have been hit by the supernatural sandman. Cordelia is informed of a plot by a vampire to plunge the world into total darkness. With Wesley in the throws of a terrible nightmare, and unable to be roused, it may be the end for him, and the rest of humankind...

Stranger to the Sun has a pretty cool idea for a plot, and is well written as if it followed the script style of an Angel TV episode. Cordelia is her normal cutting self, whilst Angel and Gunn load up on weapons and try to find a solution (usually involving violence) much to the annoyance of the sleeping people across LA.

Whilst trying to work out how these people have been put to sleep, they begin to discover that the sleeping powder has been used to get those who may be able to stop the plot out of the way, and that this night of all nights is the one where a vampire can stop the sun from ever appearing over the horizon again.

Well written, the book is slightly slow to start, and though not the best thing I've ever read, it's worth checking out. Stranger to the Sun is one of the most well thought out Angel novels to date.

Keri Allan

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