Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Author: Mel Odom
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Buffy and Dawn are having difficulties settling into their new roles now that their mother has gone. Buffy herself is reluctant to cross over to the role of parent, and the two are bickering more than usual.
In fact, Buffy's distraction prevents her from noticing strange behaviour among the video-game crowd. One of Xander's friends goes medieval outside the Sunnydale cinema, and it seems that people who've been testing a new video game have been demonstrating creepy tics. As the Slayer attempts to solve the mystery, Xander gets abducted into an alternate demon universe. She had to now figure out how to bring her fiend back before the game is over for good...

Crossings is a good idea for a book, but somehow comes across a little too cheesily to be classed as 'well done'. Of course, demons are tricking gamers to believe they are testing a new virtual reality game when in reality they are being sucked into the body of an alien in another dimension to help wage a war for a pretty mean demon who's power hungry for world domination.

The book covers too much, Buffy and Dawn trying to deal with the death of Joyce and finding where they fit in the scheme of things now; Xander being super sleuth; and Anya being... well Anya, and Willow starting to get a little too much into her magic.

There is also a big bad demon, which Buffy has to hunt down while all the rest of this is going on!

Still an OK read, with some great ideas, but probably not what you'd expect. Pretty much hit and miss. A read that will have fans divided.

Keri Allan

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