Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Wisdom of War

Author: Christopher Golden
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ISBN 0 7434 5033 7
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The Creature from the Black Lagoon's less attractive cousin has hit the Sunnydale scene and Buffy and co are all over this new threat. So the scoobs are stunned, naturally, when members of the Watchers Council arrive, explaining - or rather, insisting - that they've got the matter 'under control'. Enter Faith. The Council has found a way to spring the rogue-but-repentant Slayer from jail to combat the water beast, and she is enjoying her sting as 'the good one'. But Buffy, a self-declared independent operator for quite some time, thinks its time to do a little digging. What connection could the Council have to these horrific creatures?...

The Wisdom of War is quite dark book to come from the Buffy series of novels. Gripping from the start, it covers some of the darker aspects of life as a Slayer, reintroducing Faith into the picture and also bringing in the Watchers Council.

With the council, as well as two breeds of sea monster arriving in town it is up to the blond slayer to work out who's on who's side! The tale affects the majority of Sunnydale as well as near death experiences for some of the Scooby gang and its leader.

There are many twists and turns in this book, creating an exciting read and a feeling that if this was a TV script rather than a book you are looking at season finale material.

Yet again Golden has created a superior novel for the Buffy-verse, and another to add to your must reads for this year.

Keri Allan

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