Author: Scott Cienein & Dan Jolley
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Los Angeles is a city divided between the haves and the have-nots, and those that have it seem to have it all: tanned good looks, fit bodies, celebrity, flashy cars, high tech toys and then some. It's no wonder then, that the have-nots easily tire of standing on the sidelines. Enter Lily Pierce, a motivational speaker who's New Life Foundation is sweeping the country. Her mantra is simple. "Erase doubt. Erase fear. Become pure of purpose. Perfect in execution. Attain your dreams."...

Cordelia is unimpressed by Lily, but she never expected that the self-help guru is guarding a secret of mythic proportions. Even Wolfram and Hart want to stop the insanity, even going so far as to ask Angel for help. But is Lily's promise of a perfect world too tempting for Angel to conquer?

Vengeance is one of the better Angel books to be released recently, of a decent size and not in need of filling out. More like a two part episode in the series, this story drags you into a tale of biblical proportions. Lily, who we find out may or may not actually be Lillith - created by God to be Adam's first wife, tries to model the world in her image (that of demons and destruction).

To do this she needs The Hand, a torque which feeds on souls, and Angel is the only one who may succeed in stealing it and keeping it from her until the small window of time she has to destroy the world has passed. This torque, however, tempts whoever owns it, slithering deep into the owners heart and telling them how it can help them achieve its biggest desire.

With Angel, this is destroying all demons on Earth, and as it twists his logic, he decides that means all demons - whether good or bad. Little does he know that Cordelia, hidden away from the upcoming Armageddon has had a vision, one that tells if Angel succeeds in killing all demons he will attain pure happiness, leading to the return of Angelus. Can they get to him on time, and can he resist the temptation of the hand?

Keri Allan

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