Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Little Things

Author: Rebecca Moesta
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ISBN 0 7434 4982 7
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Since her mother's death, Buffy Summers has had a hard time keeping her chin up. Suddenly finding herself alone and in charge of Dawn is certainly daunting, and being responsible, at the same time for saving the world,, well it's a pressure. So lately the Slayer has been feeling bogged down by the little things.
She has a toothache she can't afford to fix due to lack of insurance and Ania and Xander's home are infested with ants. Everyone is determined not to sweat the small stuff - until Spike finds economy-sized evil wreaking havoc in the park...

Little Things isn't a particularly long novel, and is a very quick and simple read, but still very enjoyable. The Scooby's are facing evil fairies, and learn they were turned into vampires over 500 years ago with a little help from Ania in her vengeance days. In addition, these aren't any old fairies, but those talked about back in Shakespeare's plays, with Queen Mab from Romeo and Juliet being their leader!

Looking for vengeance on Ania for ruining their sunny playground, they hatch a plan to get revenge on her and all her friends. Normal stakes are useless against the pint sized creates, and so ingenuity plays a big role in beating the 'big' bad.

This story gets to give Dawn a more participating role than we've seen in the show, but its weakness is overplaying the way Ania looks at the world and taking her little vocal nuances a stage too far. Overall, one of the better short Buffy novels to date.

Keri Allan

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