Star Trek
Errand of Vengeance: II
Killing Blow

Author: Kevin Ryan
Pocket Books
RRP 5.99
ISBN 0 7434 4602 X
Available now

Things are getting worse with the Klingons who appear to be quite literally powering up for something nasty. Kirk suspects the discovery of a massive power source on a planet inhabited by primitive humanoids presages something nasty. But his landing party includes Lt Jon Anderson, a Klingon spy. Investigating the mystery reactor is now doubly dangerous...

As with any good sequel, Killing Blow ups the stakes and increases the scale of the adventure. Kirk is now faced with hundreds of Klingon warriors hell bent on his death and the destruction of Starfleet. And all the time there's a spy in the camp, waiting for his moment to strike.

Ryan once again delivers the right mix of character and action, sweeping the reader along with an unfolding narrative of simple, driving adventure.

Splendid stuff.

Anthony Clark

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