Star Trek: Gateways
Book one: One Small Step

Author: Susan Wright
Pocket Books
ISBN 0-7434-1854-9
Available now


Scattered across the galaxy are Gateways, portals that offer near-instant transport to other locations. Unfortunately one of the ancient interstellar opening hurls Kirk and his crew thousands of light years away from home and before they can study the Gateway in detail other aliens start arriving including the enigmatic Kalandans...

One Small Step launches a run of seven books in the Gateway series with a certain amount of elan - or at least as much as can be managed when Kirk is at hand. The hot-headed captain acts true to form and soon become embroiled in a situation which rapidly spirals out of control. Could he be lost for ever?

The book is generally well written and cracks along at a good pace. Some sloppy editing aside - Spock becomes Spoke on page 28 - One Small Step is an entertaining and easy read.

Anthony Clark

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