Star Trek: Gateways
Book two: Chain Mail

Author: Diane Carey
Pocket Books
ISBN 0-7434-1855-7
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The mystery Gateways, first encountered by Kirk in One Small Step could be used as a method of invasion. And what of the fragments of the alien civilisation that seem somehow connected?..

After a 20 year absence the descendants of an alien race that disappeared into one of the Gateways returns - in possession of terrifying firepower. This serves to make matters near impossible for Captain Keller and the crew of his ship, the USS Challenger, as they try and maintain a fragile peace in an already unstable sector of the Alpha Quadrant.

Chainmail is a mixed bag - in turn well paced and at times slightly lacking direction. And do people really say "Holy cripe!" when things go wrong? Quibbles aside, the book adds to the growing Gateway mystery and at over 300 pages offers a substantial read.