Buffy the Vampire Slayer
These Our Actors

Authors: Ashley McConnell & Dori Koogler
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ISBN 0 7434 5034 5
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Willow Rosenburg is disappointed when Buffy decides to drop drama class in order to concentrate on her slaying. Willow decides to stick with the class on her own, however, this once shy wallflower is pleased to find herself way bitten with the acting bug.
Of course, with Sunnydale being Hellmouth central, Willow soon discovers a link between drama and magick. Spike who in his pre-vamp days had been a great patron of the arts also takes an interest in Willow's activities. When strange paranormal occurrences, and the appearance of a ghost or two threaten Willow's safety, the witch starts to wonder if it isn't time to exist, stage left...

These Our Actors is slightly different from the normal swathes of Buffy books that come out - as Buffy isn't the main star! Willow and Spike take centre stage in this story, which tells you a lot more about Spike than ever before - his life as a human and his early days as a vamp with Dru, Angelus and Darla in London. It focuses on Spike's past and Willow is dragged into the story, as it all has to do with the history of magick and theatre. When Willow gets an interest in extracurricular drama work, it ends up involving a lot more than she expected.

The story is really addictive as it ties in with some of Spike's past that we've already seen in the series, including his unrequited love for Cecily. Will Willow and Spike actually work together to save the world from evil, and are they even strong enough without Buffy by their side! Pick up the book and find out.

Keri Allan

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