Star Trek
Section 31: Abyss

Author: David Weddle & Jeffrey Lang
Pocket Books
ISBN 0 671-77483-2
Available now

Julian Bashir is again called upon by Section 31 for another daring mission - this time to stop one of their own members who is intent on concurring the galaxy...

Abyss is without a doubt the best Section 31 novel. It may just the fact that the series is set back in its original roots (ie Deep Space Nine) but The narrative flowed much easier than with the others in the series.

The novel starts with the relocation of Empok Nor nearer to DS9 to provide a healthy supply of spare parts for the decrepit space station. And then moves at breakneck pace towards an explosive, and unexpected conclusion.

If you like your Trek served up hot and fresh then this is a must buy for you.

Pete Boomer

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