Star Trek
Section 31: Cloak

Author: S.D. Perry
Pocket Books
ISBN 0 671-77471-9
Available now

When Captain Kirk undertook a dangerous mission to acquire a Romulan cloaking device little did he realise that months later the device he stole for peaceful purposes is actually being used for sinister purposes. Section 31 has embarked upon a series of events that look set to topple the heads of state from every major nation...

Unaware that Section 31 were operating back in the good old days of Kirk, Cloak may come as a bit of a surprise to many Trek fans. But as a cash cow for Pocket Books it had to be done... and with surprising success too.

I, rather cynically was expected a load of sentimental codswallop and was pleasantly surprised to read a book of fairly sound standing. The narrative fits in rather snugly to the Trek universe and storyline surrounding Karen Patterson is well thought out. This is especially the case where Chekov informs McCoy of her strange disappearance.

A good solid Trek book, and a sterling Section 31 novel.

Pete Boomer

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