Star Trek
Section 31: Shadow

Author: Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Pocket Books
ISBN 0 671-77478-6
Available now

Seven of Nine's life is in danger. A number of apparent accidents seem to befall our Borg friend and it is down to Janeway and her crew to help save Seven of Nine from an unknown enemy.

Shadow is a little predictable, I'm afraid to say. This doesn't detract too much from the story but if you were asked to write a Section 31/Voyager crossover story then I'm sure it wouldn't be too far removed from Shadow.

Tuvok gets to play Doc Brown from the Back to the Future franchise by creating a replica of Voyager to plot the course of events as they unfold.

How, I am sure you are asking, does Section 31 manage to infiltrate Voyager. Not surprisingly it is someone already onboard the crew (doesn't take too many brains to work out who! The novel never really concludes - leaving the way open for future Voyager Section 31 novels, Umm not sure whether that is such a good idea.

Not a bad little book, but certainly not one that I'd rush out and buy.

Pete Boomer

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