Star Trek
Gateways Book three
Doors into Chaos

Author: Robert Greenberger
Pocket Books
ISBN 0-7434-1856-5
Available now

Picard finds himself summoned to Star Fleet - the legendary Iconians have returned after 200,000 years - and are offering to sell their technology to the Federation. Unfortunately, their first act is to reopen their Gateway network, a series of interstellar jump points that enable near-instant transportation around the universe. Soon the Klingons are on the brink of war with the Romulans. The Iconians may not be all they appear to be.
Admiral Ross gets to send Picard off on yet another dangerous mission and soon the crew are once again in the thick of it. all rather predictably.

With so many characters to handle the book often feels as if it is trying too hard to find things for everyone to do which sometimes saps the pace. However, in its favour Doors Into Chaos paints an accurate picture of the Enterprise crew - we even get the ever-popular holodeck recreation, this time of an Iconian Gateway.

If you're read volumes one and two you'll know the book will end. Is this getting a little predictable?

Anthony Clark

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