Star Trek
Gateways Book four
Demons of Air and Darkness

Author: Keith R A DeCandido
Pocket Books
ISBN 0-7434-1852-2
Available now

The chaos created by the Gateways threatens to engulf DS9. However, if you've not been following the plot - or missed the first three books - Captain Picard gives a resume on page 29. So we're back up to speed and we're off.

Kira gets to carry a lot of the action in Demons of Air and Darkness which is probably a good thing as she's one of the show's best action characters. However, allowing Nog such a large role may not have been such a good idea. Basically a comedy character, Nog is given some serious work which doesn't seem to fit with his on-screen persona.

There also seems to be an unnecessary amount of chat when the book should have been up and running. But when the winning line is once again so terribly obvious maybe we're right not to be running too hard to reach it. The law of diminishing returns weighs heavy on Demons of Air and Darkness.

So will Kira return? You need to ask?

Anthony Clark

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