Author: Mel Odom
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Los Angeles is stunned by the attack on a priest by a woman who confesses to have killed her own son. At the same time reports are flooding in of a crazywoman floating in and out of gang fights, playgrounds, harbours, and a trail of death seems to follow in her wake. Meanwhile, on the other side of LA, Cordy is getting her foot in the door of the acting industry by taking on a case to find a producer's missing wife. Can there be any connection? And will there be time to find out what it is...?

Bruja is an average TV spin off novel. It has a good plotline, but it feels a little slow, and by the time all the information comes together you've pretty much worked out the twist for yourself. The story revolves around Angel investigations working as a team, taking on a selection of jobs and working together to fill in the gaps and stop the insane lady in black from continuing her rampage of terror. Cordelia's character is the most close to home, for as ever her witty comments are perfectly timed, and you feel that the author knows the character well.

The lady in black element of the story is the most riveting, and is told well, leaving you full of suspense as to how the pieces fit together, but the overall flow and dialogue of the book is pretty average. It could have been made better by pushing the envelope and gaining the fans undivided interest by giving more background info to the characters. A good book, and worth the read, but it seems followers of Buffy and Angel may expect more from it.

Keri Allan

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