Star Trek
Gateways Book five
No Man's Land

Author: Christie Golden
Pocket Books
ISBN 0-7434-1857-3
Available now

The Gateways saga starts to draw to a close with this Voyager-theme instalment. And the ship's distant journey adds a little something new to a narrative that has become a little predictable - the Gateways could get Janeway and her stranded crew home. Unfortunately, there's a growing army of craft being spat into the Alpha Quadrant by the strange alien technology and not everyone is friendly.

Unfortunately, No Man's Land is the least engaging of the Gateway novels, mainly because it appears to have been written by someone also passingly familiar with narrative and structure. Poorly written and often very dull - the crew of Voyager are hardly recognisable - the book is a pedestrian trawl, albeit a relatively short one.

Anthony Clark

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