Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Tales of the Slayer

Contributors include Nancy Holder, Mel Odom and Greg Rucka.
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ISBN 0-7434-0045-3
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Into every generation a slayer is born. One girl in all the world, to find the vampires where they gather and stop the spread of evil. We've watched Buffy slay for years, seen Kendra and Faith fight the good fight, and even glimpsed others - the primal, and those killed by the hand of Spike. The first volume of Slayer chronicles is a great glimpse into the history and mythologies behind the past slayers, and the trials they have all had to face.

Tales of the Slayer is a must have for all Buffy fans. It opens a locked door into the past of the Slayer Universe, and the collection of short stories from some great fiction writers is a riveting read. You can find out how slayers over time have lived, how they died, and how and why they fought. Stories tie in with mythical lore that has been passed down the ages, as well as tying in with historical events that have taken place around the world.

Stories include the first slayer on Americal soil and the lore of the White doe - a great tale, and Yvonne Navarro tells a dark and haunting story of a Hungarian Slayer and her fight to kill Die Blutgrafin; and evil queen who ruled the area and fed on the blood of virgins.

Once picked up you won't put it down till its finished, and then you'll be waiting for Volume 2 to hit bookstore shelves. Stop reading this, and go out and get it right now!

Keri Allan

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