Star Wars
Rogue Planet

Author: Greg Bear
Lucas Books
ISBN 0 09 941030 3
Available now


It is a few years after the events which took place in The Phantom Menace and Anakin is frustrated by the steady pace of life within the Jedi Temple. To help Anakin burn off some of his exuberant energy as well as further his Jedi training, he and Obi-Wan are sent on a mission to find a missing Jedi. This is where we begin to see the dark forces growing within Anakin...

Rogue Planet is a surprisingly colourful and undemanding read considering that the author is Greg Bear, writer of some very complex SF novels. He presents a narrative that delivers the level of action you'd expect from a Star Wars novel, whilst never losing sight of thoughtful plot and character development.

The author presents a close examination of the evolving relationship between Anakin and Obi Wan. Anakin's struggle with his force abilities is sympathetically written, but always with a touch of foreboding. Obi Wan is likewise written with depth and an understanding of his character.

The plot moves at a steady pace, but never at the risk of losing the reader's interest. Events are given flavour by the presence of a young Tarkin, as well as hints at the technology that will one day give the Empire its power. Indeed, those familiar with the Star Wars universe will enjoy the references to the hardware that helped make the first three films such delights.

This is an excellent novel thanks to some original ideas and tense drama.

Jeff Watson