Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Gorn Crisis

Authors: Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta
Artist: Igor Kordey
Titan Books
RRP 11.99
ISBN 1 84023 295 1
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With the Federation waging war against the Dominion, the
Enterprise is dispatched to enlist the aid of the reptilian species known as the Gorn. But the Gorn face a crisis of their own - a revolution that could provide the Federation with another enemy, rather than a much-needed ally...

The bold, painted artwork of Igor Kordey lends this book a distinctive look, and his battle sequences involving humans, Klingons and Gorn are gritty and eye-catching. However, when it comes to capturing the likenesses of the Enterprise crew, Kordey is sadly found wanting.

The script is a little on the simplistic side, too, and very little of the dialogue sounds much like the familiar characters that we know and love - with the notable exception of Riker, who makes good use of his prior experience of working alongside Klingons. On a more nit-picky level, the Enterprise "E" is referred to as a Galaxy class starship, whereas it is in fact a Sovereign class vessel (the "D" ship was Galaxy class). And - horror of horrors - Data uses a contraction at one point! Kevin J. Anderson has turned in some excellent work for the Star Wars and X-Files ranges of books, but maybe The Next Generation isn't where his true strengths lie.

The back pages of this book reveal the detailed back story that Kordey created in preparation for his visualisation of the culture of the Gorn (who originally appeared in the "Classic" Trek episode, Arena). It's a shame that more of this background detail couldn't have filtered through to provide us with a more inspired narrative.

Richard McGinlay

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