Tomb Raider

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Scarred by the premature death of her father when she was a young girl, tomb raider Lara Croft has spent the following years training so that she can follow in his footsteps. On the anniversary of his death, Ms Croft has discovers a hidden room in her manor and discovers an artifact which holds the secret to her father's mysterious death...

Angelina Jolie can not be faulted for her portrayal of the World's sexiest computer heroine. She looks the part, she acts the part and she has the accent spot on. But there is something about this movie that left me feeling cheated. The effects were up to par, the plot wasn't as poor as it could have been and all in all it had everything that any major summer blockbuster should have. But for some reason I had a job being that bothered about what was going on on the screen. And I think that is where the problem lies. There was just too much time spent focussing on the special effects and action (oh and too much camera time devoted to Jolie's wobbling chest) that the story took a back seat.

The soundtrack was also a great let down. An orchestrated score should have taken centre stage but this took a back seat to tracks from Leftfield, the Chemical Brothers and Moby. While this music is fine it really felt a little out of place here. What I was hoping for was a homage to the Tomb Raider theme from the Eidos computer game series and I felt quite disappointed when the opening scene had been concluded and not a hint of Lara's theme was to be heard. OK, there may have been copyright laws to negotiate but you'd have thought the composer would have tried to create a memorable theme. And I'm afraid to say that nothing about the soundtrack was memorable.

Another aspect which worried me slightly (and I suggest you stop reading now if you intend to see the film) was the death of Powell. I went to see this movie with three other people and while we all know that Powell was killed in the final few minutes of the movie none of us could actually recall how he had been killed. All we remember is Lara going after him to retrieve her father's pocket watch and then she was back in England. Now, while it does explain what happened most of us seemed to have lost interest by that point - I know my mind had wondered onto other things.

But the extras... Wow! They really went to town. There are tons of them (including at least one Easter Egg of Jolie and her father being interviewed. Ignoring the DVD ROM extras (there are plenty of them though) the normal DVD extras include: 5 featurettes, audio commentary by the director, U2 music video, deleted scenes and Alternate main title sequence... Pure heaven!

It is not a bad movie by any standard but it could have been so much be more.

Amber Leigh

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