Star Trek
The Motion Picture - 2 disc set

Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy & Deforest Kelly
Paramount Home Entertainment
RRP: 24.99
PHE 8152
Certificate: U
Available now

The year is 2271 and an unknown alien phenomenon of unprecedented size and power is hurtling towards earth. It is up to legendary Admiral James T Kirk to take his rightful place at the helm of the Enterprise to save our planet...

Paramount has finally provided a special edition Trek movie DVD with enough features to make it worth while purchasing. I heard a rumour some months ago (from an extremely reliable source) that Paramount are going to be re-releasing the Star Trek movie DVDs but this time with a variety of extras. This is bound to annoy those who have already stumped up a small fortune in order to own the movies on DVD already.

This box set sees the movie presented in widescreen with a 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack. With the main feature on disc one there is a group commentary from the director, composer, special effects supervisor and Steven Collins (who played Decker). There is also a text commentary by Michael Okuda who was one of the authors of the Star Trek Encyclopaedia.

Disc two is packed with a number of extras including four documentaries, five additional scenes and 11 deleted scenes. The other extras are just trailers, TV commercials and ads for the new Trek series Enterprise.

In truth this is a pretty good release and the 25 asking price is not too steep. However the extras that are really any good could surely have been squeezed onto the one disc. There are plenty of other discs out there which manages to cram on much more content onto a single disc and it will leave many fans feeling a little cheated.

Having said that, this is still a great release and well worth purchasing.

Pete Boomer

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