The Poseidon Adventure

Starring: Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons & Carol Lynley
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


Certificate: PG
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The luxury cruise liner, the SS Poseidon is making its final Mediterranean voyage when it is hit by a tidal wave caused by an underwater earthquake. The wave turns the ship upside down stranding the passengers underwater. A small group of survivors, led by Reverend Frank Scott begin a slow and treacherous climb to the ships hull in a bid to reach safety...

Arguably one of the best adventure disaster movies ever made, The Poseidon Adventure has a strong cast who manages to pull off suspense, horror and a few touching moments.

I hadn't seen this movie for a good 15 years and had forgotten that Leslie Nielsen played the part of the captain. After associating him with both the Airplane and Naked Gun movies since then, I kept waiting for him to make a wisecrack remark.

The only extra of any merit is a 10-minute featurette on the movie which has a few interviews with cast and crew members that was released at the same time as the movie

I very entertaining movie that hasn't aged much. It is no wonder that it received a Special Achievement Academy Award in 1972 for its visual effects.

Pete Boomer

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