Doctor Who
Resurrection of the Daleks

Starring: Peter Davison, Janet Fielding & Rula Lenska
BBC Worldwide

RRP: £19.99

Certificate: PG
Available now

Davros is liberated from his cryogenic prison by the Daleks so that he can develop an antidote to a plague that is wiping them out. But Davros has not forgiven his creations for the way he was rejected and plans to modify them so they once again become his loyal puppets. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Doctor has discovered a canister of the virus that is killing the Daleks, hidden in an old warehouse down by the Thames...

The BBC continues to do right by Doctor Who as this disc clearly demonstrated. The picture, specially decoded from the 1 inch analogue master, looks fantastic, the sound is crystal clear - and 5.1 if you want - and the extras are once again excellent. It's an all round winner and that's before we've even looked at the story.

Resurrection of the Daleks is one of the best Peter Davison stories and is available here on disc in its original four part edit rather than the two episode version that was broadcast. This helps stagger the action and pace events but the strength of the writing is sufficiently potent that the narrative arch would probably work sliced and diced in to just about any format partly due to some excellent characterisations.

The extras package includes missing scenes, a commentary, a very neat documentary, a picture gallery and some on-screen text about the show's production. This DVD comes in a limited edition PVC slip cover with a circular, Dalek-like motif.

This all adds up to yet another first rate release which will please even those fans of the programme who don't rate this particular Dalek outing very highly. Go and buy it now.

Anthony Clark

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