Star Trek III:
The Search for Spock
(Director's Edition 2-discs)

Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy & Christopher Lloyd
RRP: £24.99

Certificate: 12
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Spock may not be dead after all. Kirk and the rest of the crew of the USS Enterprise sets out to search for their Vulcan friend after they discover that his spirit is alive inside McCoy - slowly sending him mad. But the crew are sailing into a deadly encounter with Klingon b
attle commander Kruge...

It only seems like five minutes since Star Trek III: The Search for Spock was released on DVD for the first time without any extras... hand on a minute, it was. Any one who spent £25 on the 2-disc collection of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn and were disappointed at the poor collection of extras will no doubt be worried about making the same mistake again.

However, where Search for Spock differs is that that the producers of the disc have actually bothered to go out and interview cast and crew to provide new material that is both informative and entertaining.

There is a new featurette called Captain's Log which interviews, amongst others, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on how they became involved with the production. What is funny here is that Nimoy and Shatner's account of how Nimoy became the director on the movie differ somewhat. Shatner starts off telling us how the studio were gobsmacked that Nimoy wanted to direct, while Nimoy tells us the studio were up for the idea from the start. The way this is edited makes Nimoy look foolish.

Shatner is frank and honest in his interview and it is difficult to tell whether he is bitter, or joking. His story about bravely tackling the fire on the set is fantastically funny (with the firemen saluting him) and the revelation of what his real motives were are shocking, yet honest. There are also brief interviews with Christopher Lloyd and Robin Curtis (who is even more beautiful now than she was then).

The other features include an interesting look at the special effects and model work; the design of costumes and makeup; creature effects; a feature on Terraforming and another on how the Klingon language was created.

All of these are interesting, apart from the Terraforming feature which is a little dull and the main individual being interviewed seems to like the sound of his own voice. Why was this feature included? To fill up space is the simple answer and at 26 mins in length it does just that. Ok, so the movie involves terraforming so a feature on the realities of this science may well be of interest. Well, the movie also featured shoes - could we not have had a feature on the shoes of Star Trek? No, maybe not!

If you don't already own this movie on DVD it is well worth purchasing. If you do own it already the extras are not really worth the extra money.

Pete Boomer

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