Dog Soldiers

Starring: Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd & Liam Cunningham
Pathe Distribution Ltd
RRP: £17.99

Certificate: 15

While on a training exercise, in an isolated glen in Scotland, a squad of British soldiers stumble across the encampment of Captain Richard Ryan. Ryan is the only surviving member of a crack unit on a mysterious top secret mission - the rest of his team having been torn to pieces by unknown assailants. Shortly afterwards they are joined by a local woman, who leads them to an empty house. As darkness falls and the full moon emerges so too do a pack of angry werewolves...

Dog Soldiers is a fairly low budget UK horror/suspense movie with a fantastic cast. Like all good horror movie the idea is to build up the suspense before revealing your monster to the audience. And when you do, it had better be a pretty scary looking beast.

When I originally saw this movie at the cinema I was impressed by the execution of the narrative but a little disappointed by the rubbery appearance of the actual werewolves. I assumed, wrongly, that very little money was spent on the costumes but, after watching the documentary on this DVD, I am now surprised at how poor they looked on screen.

The monsters themselves actually look very impressive up close in the documentary and the stuntmen playing the beasts look very intimidating walking around the set with their masks half off. So why they look so poor in the film is a mystery.

Movie buffs will love the many obvious (and not so obvious) movie references including Saving Private Ryan, Zulu and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.

This disc also includes an impressive collection of extras (especially when you consider the £17.99 price tag). There are two commentaries - one by writer/director, co-producer and the cast (which is very funny, if laddish) and the other by the producers. There are also a number of deleted scenes, a very short gag reel and a making of featurette. Also included is a short, and interesting film by the director called Combat.

There were a couple of cut scenes which the director mentioned on his commentary which, sadly were not included on the deleted scenes on the disc. Which is a shame as they sounded interesting. However the deleted scenes we do get are very hit and miss.

If you want a good, solid action packed movie then this is worth getting hold of. In short, this movie does exactly what it sets out too, but nothing more.

Darren Rea


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