Stargate SG-1
Season three box set

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping & Christopher Judge
RRP: £59.99

Certificate: 12
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The third series of Stargate SG-1 can now be purchased as a complete set. This six disc collection is packaged in a rather attractive box, but this simply houses the same discs - including sleeves - that were available from the original single disc releases.

Season three was where the show really started to gather momentum. This season sees a great balance of episode styles. From the comical Urgo and Deadman's Switch (by the way did you know this is the only episode that doesn't feature a Stargate) to the moving A hundred Days and Crystal Skull and edge-of-seat Foothold and Nemesis - this season has something for everyone.

Sadly, this is the season that separated the casual viewers from the fans. Unlike season one and two, you can't really dip in and out of season three. There are way too many back references for the casual viewer to follow.

The great thing is that if you already own these discs from the original single disc releases you won't feel cheated by the launch of this box set. Apart from the trendy box there are no additional extras - there were plenty in the first place.

Also, the picture quality for season three has been noticeably improved. The season one box set was fairly poor and was extremely jerky in places and the season two collection was a little on the grainy side.

A fantastic collection with some interesting extras spread across the discs - the final disc alone contains just under 1hr: 30mins of quality behind the scenes footage. What more do you want?

Darren Rea


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