Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Special Edition

Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley and Catherine Hicks
Paramount Home Entertainment
RRP: 24.99
Certificate: PG
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It's the 23rd Century, and a mysterious alien power is threatening Earth by evaporating the oceans and destroying the atmosphere. In a frantic attempt to save mankind, Kirk and his crew must travel back to 1986 San Francisco where they find a world of punk, pizza and exact-change buses that are as alien as anything they've ever encountered in the far reaches of the galaxy...

The good old crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise take to the skies for their fourth cinematic outing. But following the rather depressing storylines that embarrassed the second and third movies (with the death of Spock and the murder of Kirk's son) The Voyage Home plays it purely for laughs - a brave move that may not have paid off. It could just as easily have turned away Trek fans as well as general movie goers. Thankfully it didn't.

Yes, the plot does sound a little stupid but it works rather well as the cast ham it up as though their lives depend upon it.

The music, composed by Leonard Rosenman, is instantly forgettable and is particularly disappointing after the audio treats that were provided by Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner.

While not to everyone's liking, this is a light-hearted romp that will have you cheering for the crew of the Enterprise once again.

The second DVD is crammed full of extras - just a shame that Paramount didn't release this disc originally. Extras include audio commentary by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy; text commentary by Michael Okuda; Star Trek Universe; Production; Visual effects; Archives; Original interviews; Storyboards; Theatrical trailer. The interviews and audio commentary show William Shatner to be a truly sardonic and amusing individual who, if you listen to fans who have encountered him, seems misunderstood.

There is also some question over the female extra in the Chekov "Nuclear Wessels" scene. According to one documentary the woman who stops and talks to Chekov was not an extra, but an unsuspecting member of the public who stopped to help. However, on the commentary Nimoy states that she was an extra who decided to ad lib as the mood took her. Whichever story is true, it is still a classic scene. And this is a fantastic release.

All Star Trek fans should own this version of the movie.

Carrie Little

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