Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Volume One

Starring: Space Ghost
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What happens when a classic '60s Hanna-Barbera superhero gets his own late-night talk show? Now you can find out as Space Ghost humiliates celebrities before they realise what they've let themselves in for...

Cartoon Network's late-night Adult Swim programming has produced a number of original shows with a more adult oriented humour. Space Ghost has to be one of the most bizarre.

Take one washed up, retired superhero and give him his own late-night chat show and watch as he insults his guests by asking them questions like: "What are your super powers?" and "Tell me an interesting story" and then proceeds to talk over them, or cut them off in midstream because he is having problems with his bandleader (the evil mantis Zorak) or producer (Moltar).

The majority of these episodes are patchy at best, and a few more original questions would have helped to keep the viewer from becoming a little bored. The majority of guests really have no idea what they are getting themselves into and it's extremely amusing to see guest after guest appear, expecting to plug their new book or album only to be humiliated.

Nowhere is this better illustrated in the second of the two themed episodes (Batmantis) which sees Adam West, Lee Meriwether and Ertha Kitt interviewed. I was surprised to see that Lee Meriwether is still an extremely attractive woman and, as the additional commentary verifies, was really up for a laugh and took the whole thing in good spirits. Adam West, on the other hand, didn't. He unashamedly plugs his book and really wasn't happy to be poked fun at. And Ertha Kitt???!!!?? Mad as toast.

A number of celebrities give as good as they get. Terry Jones (Monty Python), comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, Donny Osmond and Hulk Hogan all show that they can poke fun at themselves - even if they were unprepared for Space Ghost's ridiculous questions.

The majority of guests will be unknown to us Brits, but there are enough well known faces (Alice Cooper, The Ramones, Weird Al Yankovic and Slash) to keep you watching. Some guests you feel sorry for, others you are embarrassed for, and the rest you are glad that Space Ghost makes them look like the sad, attention grabbers that they are.

If you fast forward through the majority of the animation that links the interviews, then you'll enjoy these episodes. Entertaining.

Darren Rea

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