Public Enemy

Starring: Kyung-Gu Sol, Seong-Jae Lee and Shin-Il Kang
Tartan Video (Asia Extreme)
RRP 19.99
TVD 3438
Certificate: 18
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On a rainy night whilst on duty, Kang Chul-joong encounters a suspicious man in a hooded raincoat. When he tries to question him, the man cuts his face and casually walks away, leaving the weapon behind. A week later, the bodies of an old couple are found with multiple stab wounds. Investigating at the murder scene, Chul-joong recalls the man in the rain, and notices that the stab wounds on the corpses were made by the same knife. When Chul-joong comes face to face with the man he suspects is the killer, the two men attempt to outwit each other until a brutal and bloody battle to the death ensues...

Public Enemy is a movie about a cop. He is not a nice cop. In fact he is not very nice period. He is as corrupt as they come; he beats up his prisoners and takes advantage of the poor criminals. This being said, from the word go you believe that he really isn't that bad. And when he goes to investigate a double murder he becomes personally involved in the case. He suspects a man who stands to gain a lot from the double murder. He then starts to hound the suspect with Colombo like annoyance.

An explosive mix of stylish violence and blackly comic action, this relentless thriller form Korea has a wicked sense of humour. This has been compared to Dirty Harry in terms of content but I can't see any real relation.

This is a straightforward redemption film, and a damn good one at that. It has plenty to offer and you hardly even notice the two and a half hour running time.

This is a fine piece of cinema and you do end up wishing that all of Korea's exports were as good as this.

Simon Lee

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