The Prisoner
5 Disc DVD Digi Pack

Starring: Patrick McGoohan
Granada Ventures
RRP: 59.99
Certificate: PG
Available 20 September 2004

A British secret agent resigns in anger and plans a holiday away from the pressures of his job but his get-away break isn't what he'd intended. Rather than booking into a top flight hotel as a free man he ends up in The Village, a mysterious colony of nameless ex-espionage agents from around the globe. Worryingly, the management of the establishment seems intent only on one thing - finding out why our British spy resigned. But who runs The Village and what are their objectives? And why does everyone have a number rather than a name?...

The Prisoner is a landmark TV series that dealt with alienation, deceit, slight of hand and subterfuge - traits Carlton seem to have picked up when planning this DVD box set.

Make no mistake, this is exactly the same discs as previously available, just packaged in a new way. Rather than go back and re-encode the episodes to the same high standard as the Australian release, Carlton has simply bundled up the previous pressings with the mainly uninteresting 35th Anniversary Prisoner Companion - also previously available.

Result, stuff you already have but in a different box. You have to hand it to Carlton. The company re-releases the Thunderbirds box set with one less disc and adds one (albeit one you already have) to The Prisoner compilation. How about a little new thinking?

Don't buy this collection of discs - it's a rip off. If you're a fan of the series track down the Region 4 release instead. It may cost a little more but it's worth the money for the improved visual quality. Or if money's short, go to eBay and buy a second-hand version of the previous Carlton set. But whatever you do steer clear of this blatant con.

Anthony Clark

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