Into the Mirror

Starring: Yu Ji-tae, Kim Hye-na and Kim Myung Min
Tartan Asia Extreme
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 18
Available 25 April 2005

Wu Young-min, a former policeman who inadvertently brought about the death of his partner during a face-off with a criminal, has quit the police force and now heads up security at Dreampia Department Store. Young-min comes across his former rival and co-worker Ha Hyun-su, who now heads the investigation into the recent murders at the Department store. A mysterious woman Lee Ji-Hyun is also found lingering around the crime scenes. Without wishing it, Wu is drawn further into the deep mystery surrounding the murders...

Following in the wake of films such as Ring, Phone and Tale of Two Sisters, Into the Mirror takes horror in yet another direction by proving that our inner most fears revolve around the self.

Forget the ghosts who startle you, those that appear mysteriously behind you, those that go bump in the night, what about those you have always known are there?

Forgive me for sounding negative, but there seems to have been a glut of Asian horror films since since they started to become more popular in the west. And the flow is showing no sign of stopping. Its quite a shame in a way, this is quite a good film - well made and well cast and acted.

It's saving grace for this reviewer was the fact that it concentrates more on the police investigation rather than the supernatural aspects of the case. This is no bad thing and gives the film a slight edge over other types in its genre. You really do feel like your getting into the investigation as the film goes on and you can connect quite well with the principal cast.

I did feel like this film was more of an experiment on how to mix the two genres and be successful. This is definitely a film for you and your partner to get lost in. Not especially violent and not overly-complicated so even the men can understand. Grab yourself some calorie-ridden popcorn and some hideously overpriced ice-cream and sit down to watch, It's a lot better than the sum of its parts.

The extra's are quite good on this 2-disc set. There are six behind the scenes documentaries, a trailer and some deleted scenes, which make this a good little package.

Simon Lee

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