Captain Scarlet
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Make no mistake - the Scarlet DVDs look fantastic. The picture quality is so good that you'll see details you've previously missed. Richly coloured, sharp and almost totally free from film grain and print damage the episodes really do come to life before your eyes.

Even the 5.1 audio remix is good, remaining far more sympathetic to the original mono track that the job carried out on the Thunderbirds discs. However, for both the mono and surround sound audio tracks there is an overall lack of top-end clarity and although it would be wrong to describe them as dull there is 'something missing', albeit minor.

Each disc opens with the standard Carlton logo, as with previous releases. However, after a couple of seconds the Mysteron rings appear and the Carlton logo explodes to reveal the disc menu.

Good extras (including a new documentary and mini adventure on disc 6), good packaging, smart menus (although nowhere near as nice as the Space 1999 discs) and magnificent picture quality all add up to a must-have addition to anyone's DVD collection. Go buy.

Anthony Clark

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