The A-Team: Vol. 2

Starring: George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz & Mr T
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: 12
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When a man is convicted of smuggling a shipment of cocaine into South America his parents turn to the A-Team to prove his innocence...

In Plane Sight sees our renegade soldiers trying to bring down a small time smuggling operation from the inside. There is an excellent cameo from Lance Henriksen and watch out for Hannibal's wonderful duck call! Hard men have never been so camp!


An undercover reporter contacts the A-Team offering to help them in return for exclusive news stories. But soon she is in danger and needs the help of the mean foursome...

The Battle of Bel-Air sees Colonel Decker hot on the heals of The A-Team, but not for long as our heroes soon slip from his grip and then have to decide whether the undercover reporter is a plant or not. This is actually surprisingly good fun, with Dwight Schultz on comedic form and it wasn't until I watched this episode that I realised what a moaning queen Mr T was. Although I wouldn't say so to his face.

When an ex-Vietnam paratrooper and friend of Face, Reverend Taylor, asks the A-Team for help to break up a large moonshine operation, the good guys can't really say no...

Again, not a bad episode. Really memory lane stuff if you are thirty-something. Pure-Dee Poison rounds off a pretty OK disc.

The main problem I had with this disc was that Universal Playback are not releasing these in any proper order and the repro for the cover was appalling! That said, £13 is worth it for the nostalgic value, although whether you will want to buy any more than one volume is another matter.

Pete Boomer

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