Blackadder 3

Starring: Rowan Atkinson
Certificate: 15
Available Now

The Blackadder family fortunes have take a turn for the worse between 1760 and 1815 thanks to the arrival of the Regency period. Edmund Blackadder is butler to the imbecilic Prince Regent with only the slow witted Baldrick to help him...

Series three of Blackadder on DVD consists of six digitally remastered episodes but as with previous Blackadder DVDs contains no extra's of any merits.

While the series is indeed worthy of a 9/10 rating on video the DVD release is really not worth the money. A commentary by Rowan atkinson and Richard Curtis is the least we could have expected to see but no all we get are animated menus! whoopee bleeding do!

Hopefully the BBC will take note before releasing the final volume but I doubt they will. This is an excellent series and it is a shame that the BBC haven't given it the royal treatment.

Ray Thompson