Men in Black
Collectors 2-Disc Edition

Starring: Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones
Columbia Tristar
Certificate: PG
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Agents Kay and Jay are in charge of keeping tabs on alien activities on Earth. Not a difficult job you would think, until you realise that a large percentage of the population of our planet were not born here...

Barry Sonnenfeld directs one of the funniest Sci-Fi movies ever made. This special edition two disc set is definitely worth parting with the extra £3.

Men in Black sees more extras than most would expect to see on a DVD. In fact there is so much material that an extra disc is included.

While there is a good chance that very few will watch the extras more than once it is still worth the investment. Who could possibly pass up the chance to direct three scenes from the movie themselves? While this feature is a little crude it is still light-years ahead of other discs on the market and it will come as no surprise, to avid DVD collectors, to learn that this is another wonderfully produced Colombia Tristar production.

A must have for everyone's DVD collection. This ranks up there with The Matrix as 'the' film to own.

Darren Rea