Doctor Who
Spearhead from Space

Starring: Jon Pertwee
BBC Worldwide
Certificate: U
Available Now


The Doctor, arriving in Oxley Woods amid a shower of meteorites, is found unconscious next to the TARDIS. UNIT, the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce along with newly recruited Liz Shaw start to investigate the puzzling disappearance of the meteorite. Strange happenings are afoot in the woods and when faceless mannequins from a nearby doll factory start emerging, the Doctor joins forces with UNIT and embarks on a quest to save the earth from the Nestenes...

Spearhead from Space is the third DVD release from the BBC following on from The Five Doctors and The Robots of Death.

The DVD contains many extras including a previous unused title sequence, location guide, scene by scene information, audio commentary and an original UNIT recruitment film. Doctor Who fans won't be disappointed.

Amber Leigh