Star Trek VI:
The Undiscovered Country

Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley
Certificate: PG
Available now

On the eve of an historic treaty that will bring the Federation and Klingon empire closer together the Klingon Chancellor is assassinated by, what appears to be a Starfleet personnel. Kirk and McCoy are held responsible and tried and convicted for a murder they didn't commit...

Sit back and enjoy the ride of your life with the final voyages of Kirk and his crew. From the explosive opening to the climactic ending even the most cynical of Star Trek fans will have to agree they've done a good job here.

After a very weak Star Trek V, The Undiscovered Country marks arguably the finest Trek movie since Wrath of Kahn. The movie also heralds the end of the original crews adventures in space and all but the most hardened of fans will feel a lump in their throat.

Great acting (for a change), wonderful special effects and an incredibly gripping plot help to shift the movie into Warp drive.

However, the disc lets itself down with the lack of any real special extras. What do we get? Two theatrical trailers! Hmmm not much to shout about. I good collection of extras would have made this a must buy for fans.

Carrie Little