The Terminator
Special Edition - 2 Disc Set
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton
Certificate: 15
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In 2029AD mankind is fighting for its existence. Skynet, a computer system that has become self-aware, is intent on wiping out the human race. One man stands in Skynet's way and so the super computer sends a mechanical killing machine - a terminator - back through time to 1984 to kill this individuals mother before he is even born...

This is the movie which made 'big Arnie' a household name - sure the guy's not much of an actor but you certainly wouldn't mess with him! Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton also turn in excellent performances. But then I suppose it doesn't really take too much skill to act like you are scared as the 'the big guy' comes towards you guns blazing.

Despite its fairly cheap budget, The Terminator was well renowned for its impressive special effects. Ok, they look pretty poor by today's standards but I certainly remember how frightening the Terminator looked when the flesh had been ripped away, leaving the metal endoskeleton.

The extra material included doesn't actually warrant a second disc - I'm sure it would all have fitted on one dual-layer disc but then the asking price would have been far less. In fact, most of the extra material we could do without. Does anyone really want to flick through three different copies of the original script on their DVD player? And why is there no voice over commentary during the film? The two interviews with Arnie and Cameron and the behind-the-scene-guys is entertaining but I doubt you'll watch it more than once.

That said, the picture is beautiful, as you'd expect, and the 5.1 Dolby puts you at the centre of the action.

If you haven't watched your old VHS copy for a few years give it to the local charity shop and buy this.

Darren Rea