Monsters Inc.

Format: Game Boy Advance
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Boo has accidentally returned to Monstropolis and it is up to Sully to get her home safely. However, the no good Randall has shredded Boo's door in an attempt to stop them. Now you must play as Sully and get Boo home...

Monsters Inc is one of this year's most anticipated movies and THQ now offer fans the chance to see their favourite characters in this interesting puzzle game.

There are 20 levels including bonus mini games and puzzles to be tackled where the player must hunt for parts of Boo's shredded door. Once all the pieces have been found in that level they have to be fitted, jigsaw style onto the broken door.

There are also bonus levels where Sully must ski down a snowy mountain collecting items and avoiding the large snowball that is chasing him.

This game is a little repetitive, but great fun all the same and will keep your little one amused for some time. A word of warning though, I let a 10 year-old play this on the easy level and he completed the whole game in just under four hours. Best to start on the hard levels and work you way down.

Pete Boomer

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